Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sausage Bean and Spinach Soup

Here is another great soup for fall!!

If you like Italian Wedding soup than this is right up your alley! It's quick to prepare and only needs a few ingredients, the heat of the sausage is up to you, I don't like things too spicy but I used hot Italian sausage in this and it gave it just enough kick to give the soup a great taste!

This recipe is taken off of one of my favourite blogs to visit - - visit it when you can, she has a lot of great recipes and decorating ideas!

In the recipe she says to use a package of sausages, I don't know how many are in her package but I only ended up using 3 larger sausages. An easy way to make "meatballs" from sausages is to cut off the tip, squeeze and then pinch the casing for the amount of sausage you want. I also used a whole package of frozen spinach and found it to be too much so next time I make it I will probably use 3/4 or half of the package, that amount is up to you! Also something to note, cannellini beans are the same as white kidney beans!

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