About Me

I feel like I got started in the cooking/baking game late. I don't have a lot of childhood memories of baking over the holidays or helping to prepare meals for my family. This doesn't mean we didn't eat well, my Mom cooked us homemade meals every night and made us sit around the table as a family (thank you Mom!).

It wasn't until I moved out on to my own that I started to prepare and experiment with food. I feel like that is a crucial time in a persons life where they either embrace the idea of learning how to cook for themselves or they buy ready made/take out meals or relay on someone else to cook for them.
I'm so glad that I went forward in the quest to learn how to cook. It really is hard for some people but like learning anything new, you have to keep trying again and try not to get discouraged. I have failed, sometimes miserably, at some recipes and have excelled at some. It took time, patience and the drive to do better.

Over the past few years of living on my own I have developed a passion for food; homemade with fresh ingredients (when possible) and a whole lot of love.

Other areas of interest for me are natural alternatives for health and beauty. I love to research natural products and create recipes to replace my commercial brand products. I will share these tips and recipes here with you!
I am also a beginner photographer and am using this blog as a way to take more photos and experiment.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and knowledge I share with you here!

Any questions, please ask :)