Friday, April 27, 2012

Rosemary and Garlic Chicken with Roasted Beets and Sauteed Beet Greens

I was a little skeptical half way through making this meal that it wasn't going to be very good.
Don't you hate that? You've dedicated your time and effort and you're not feeling positive about the final results.

Sometimes my doubts are for good reasons and the meal is a dud, it happens, I eat it and I don't make it again. But other times, I hit the jackpot and the meal totally exceeds my expectations! Yes! I did it right! Gold star!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strawberry Compote

Once upon a time I was allergic to strawberries. Yes, this beautiful red fruit was once my enemy.

It wasn't always this way, I could eat them by the handfuls and be fine. Then one day red spots started showing up all over my body and from that point on, I was cut off.

How could you cut a little girl off from her favourite fruit?! It was pure torture, not just for me but for my whole family as my dear Mother didn't let them come into the house. I think everyone secretly resented me...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Qunioa Cakes

I have been wanting to make these for awhile.

I spotted them on other food blogs and each one was different and looked delicious.

The recipe comes from the beautiful cookbook - Super Natural Everyday by Heidi Swanson, this is the second recipe I have tried since picking up this book a few months ago. The first one, a rice and mushroom casserole, didn't turn out the way I was imagining but these Quinoa Cakes, are better than I thought they would be.

A true test to them being as delicious as everyone says - my fiance had second helpings! Second helpings of something that has no meat! I struck meatless-meal gold with this recipe!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Product Review - Cheeky Cosmetics

I love makeup.

I don't wear a lot of it and I tend to stick to the safe side in terms of colour choices but I love how much variety there is out there.

When I was making the switch to all natural make up I came across Cheeky Cosmetics and fell in love with the company. They are a Canadian company out of British Columbia, all their products are natural, handmade and vegan friendly.

The great thing about their shop is the ability to order samples in almost every product they make so you can try it out before making the commitment to a larger jar of product.

Over the past year or so, I have purchased around 10 eye shadows, primer, bronzer, mineral veil and lip gloss (I have previously talked about their lip gloss here!)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Fav Five

There are several websites/blogs I visit regularly, two of them are and, both ladies are truly inspirational in cooking and photography! The two of them do a weekly podcast which I listen to when work is SLOW and I need something to make me smile and laugh. Last week they asked listeners to make a list of their five favourite things at the moment.

Here is my list!
1. Liberte Organic Yogurt - Strawberry

Ohhh baby. This yogurt is thick and creamy! On its own it feels like a treat, like dessert, but I also love adding it to smoothies or for breakfast with some granola and berries. SO YUMMY! Strawberry is my favourite flavour so far.