Saturday, September 3, 2011

Product Review: All Natural Lip Products

If you could only pick one beauty product to have for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
My choice ~ Lip balms!
I use to have a problem with picking my lips, it was one of my worst habits. I would constantly have chapped lips and I would pick the skin off my lips, which would in turn make them even worse than before.
What I finally realized was the chap stick I was using wasn't doing my lips any good. A lot of commercial lip balms out there give temporary relief from dry lips but have ingredients in them that don't help repair the skin and keep them healthy. Many commercial products have chemicals and preservatives that are meant to make them last a long time, but those ingredients end up in your bloodstream and are by no means good for you. Start reading labels, if you can't recognize or pronounce more than half of the words on that list, do you really want that in your body?
I have tried a lot of lip products, whether coloured or just moisturizing and have comprised a list of my favourites:

Burt's Bees -Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil - $4.50
This is my #1 favourite lip product! I have tried other Burt's Bees lip products but found this one to be the most soothing for lips. They never dry out (so no more picking skin off - Yay!! Bad habit kicked!), the scent is subtle, the moisturizers are long lasting and one tube lasts a long time. With commercial lip balms I would be reapplying every hour or so, with this product I put it on after I brush my teeth in the morning and I usually only reapply once during the day. Also, it is 100% natural - score!! It is widely available and cheap - definitely give this a try!
Korres Lip Butter - Jasmine - $12Very creamy and rich with a subtle pink sheer colour. Long lasting, a little goes a long way! Super moisturizing from the Shea butter. Comes in other colours but I love Jasmine for the touch of pink.

Cheeky Cosmetics Organic Lip Gloss - First Kiss - $12
Handmade, all natural, organic and Canadian! I can't recall how I found this company but I fell in love instantly. Everything is handmade with all natural ingredients and their lip gloss is oh-so-amazing! With a touch of peppermint oil, organic, natural ingredients and mineral pigments, their lip gloss glides on smoothly and stays on well. P.S. - their eye shadows are AMAZING!

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