Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things I loved in June

Awhile back I had started a "Things I love" series with the plans of doing it weekly. It was a nice thought.

Summer happened.
Life happened.
Wedding planning happened. (AHH!)

Weekly has now turned to monthly! I am going to do a roundup of my favourite things I've seen/heard/tasted/bought etc. this month.

Here is what June gave me:
  • Shutterbean's Boozy Popsicles.. yes please! These are on my summer must make list!!
  • I have crossed one item off my summer bucket list! Make jewelry! I have been embracing my inner 12 year old and have been making friendship bracelets! I'm set on making one for each friend this summer!

  • No heat, overnight curls are a lifesaver! Who wants to stand around on a hot summer morning curling, straightening or blow drying their hair? Not me! This tutorial has saved my hair on days I skip a wash.
  • Cocoon Apothecary - I plan on doing a full review of the products I have bought later on. I had a weird breakout a few months back, my skin just went crazy so I bought a few of their products and it saved my skin. Worth the price, lovely natural products and it is a Canadian company!
  • This dress! It's perfect for twirling around the dance floor! H&M $40! Love!

  • This recipe from My New Roots caught my eye. I love oatmeal in the morning but it's getting to hot for it. Oats soaked in milk overnight, topped with strawberry syrup.. yes please!!
  • Our new car!!! Ryan and I made our first big adult purchase together this past month and bought a new car. Big step for us. We love it :) 
  • Jazzy goodness. Summer time, to me, is flowy skirts/dresses, hot days, icy cool drinks and jazz music. Billie Holiday has been on my iTunes a lot the past few weeks. 
  • Balcony gardens! I'm growing basil, chives, thyme, parsley and two different kinds of tomatoes!

  • Sweet potatoes for lunch! Natural, delicious, easy, simple. <3!

You're smiling now right!? GOOD!!

Happy July!! We're in the thick of summer - soak it UP!

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